Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Project :)

Now I am selling dresses, tops and blouses online.
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Monday, April 2, 2012

Guilty as charged- Shower

I can say that lately I have neglected this S-Shower. Oh it's not like I don't shower daily! I am, indeed it's like thrice a day and I sleep every night. But.. I just realized that I am not OPTIMIZING my shower and sleep time.

Some comparison for myself to ponder.
Before, in my college years, and during my living forever alone time: The shortest shower time is like 45 minutes, and even in the morning. It will involve weekly facial mask, scrub my whole body or even lulur-ing, shower foam, hair shampoo, hair conditioner, weekly hair mask, facial scrub and wash, brushing and flossing my teeth, hair removing, shower foam again, v-cleanser and massaging some baby oil on my skin. The post-shower activity will be toner and moisturizer on my face, spot treatment, hair serum, body lotion, deodorant and some cologne. That's the basic of my me-time :) though not all of them were done everyday.

Now: The longest one will be 15 minutes. That includes hair shampoo and hair conditioner, shower foam, my sometime body scrub, facial cleansing oil and wash, brushing my teeth, mouthwash, v-cleanser and off me go! And the random facial mask if there is anything big (event) tomorrow. Then, it will be some toner on my face, moisturizer, deodorant and perfumes, the make up if i am going out and the routine rush after shower; either to perform solat or to cook or to go out.

BIG different eh? Yup, I know! I have not pampering myself that good recently, no more splurge on bath set that I love before like those from The Body Shop, Ralph Lauren etc. I am lame nowadays, my selected range is usually from Guardians, Watson and local supermarket. Oh my!

Next on my wishlist, biarlah berkorban guna duit kenaikan gaji saya or duit bonus hubby *wink*

So, to start anew, I had found an article from vivawoman about the beauty tips to optimize your shower time. I can summarize them as followed: to have ideal temperature of water (not too warm or cold), short and sweet shower time (okay, a score here for me!), shower from top to toe (meaning the hair-work first, then you know what to do till down under), wash your face after showering (so the dirt remove on your face be cleansed last), exfoliating and massaging during showering (so to say, we incorporate the usage of exfoliator during shower and massage our face during facial wash), clear your blackheads and remove cuticle after warm shower (the skin is softer now, so you can save time with all that hand/feet soak and warming up the face time), moisturize immediately after shower (cause the damp skin lock moisture) and to dry yourself completely before stepping out of shower (cause leaving the water to evaporate will leave your skin drier). Okay, done!

I wish for more me time! Less worries, less gossip or less putting people first (okay, kinda selfish kan?) But dearest my Twitter babes, don't ever leave me out of the gossip okayyyy..haha..