Thursday, April 23, 2009

24 hours divide by 8 = ??

In a day, we are only granted with 24 hours. Some of us may have ask for another extra hours in a day, but you know, if you can’t manage this beautiful 24 hours, how can you will cope with extra ones. Saying this, it is not that I am efficient at handling my hours; I kinda love my life when it is impromptu, you know it’s like when sometime you planned to go Window Shopping but you end up buying three dresses ala Serena Van Der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf and Jenny Humprey. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling, impromptu shopping? Haha :) You grrls get it rite? For me, I usually live my day by phase in each day,

**First phase (7 a.m until 5 p.m)
-Usually I bangun tido by 7 a.m (and occasionally 7.45 a.m), get my apple cider and honey shot, bath and such, go to my office by 8 a.m. Office is only one minute away from my home.
-8 a.m: Switched on lappy or office p.c, get connected to check email and social network website
-nescafe time, “news update” with kakak2 poret at office
-kerja and sometime pura-pura bekerja
-lunch hour: some cookies and oatmeal, Facebooking or Skype when Cinta is online, or even online shopping and blog-hopping
-2 p.m: kerja lagi dan “kerja” lagi or the never ending Gossip Girl rerun if I am on weekend shift or sometime even curi-curi to siapkan my 1st part time job
-4 p.m: account closing, planning for tomorrow activity with kakak2 poret, “news update” and penggulungan hujah, hehe and sometime online shopping again and memasang angan-angan what to do with my monthly wardrobe update.
-5 p.m: home sweet home

**Second phase (5 p.m until 11 p.m)
-5 p.m: Slowing down, watch cable TV of whatever showing at this time sambil berbaring-baring on the couch and Kit Kat
-Prepare dinner, selalunya pasta, porridge or rice with chicken and greens. Selalunya akan makan bersungguh-sungguh as this is only my heavy meal of the day. Another apple cider and honey shot, clean up myself
-7 p.m up till 9 p.m: my 2nd part-time job (3 times per week) that earned me to pay 10% of my credit card (ouch~~)
-In between, I managed to catch up with whatsoever on primetime news or Oprah Winfrey Show
-Or even bercinta-cinta with Cinta, via phone with something like this:
Me: Hi baby, pa polah?
Cinta: Mam2..
Me: Maggi again?
Cinta: O yes, kan nak save k kawen. U still want that Vivienne Westwood handbag kan babe, as one of the hantaran? Dat’s y~
Me: :)
Ceh, it’s a cliché semata-mata, I am not that mean okay..
-9 p.m till 10 p.m: Continuing to my 1st part-time job, depends on the deadline either I have to push myself or not. This part time job earning can be used to pay my Astro bill and to buy me monthly supply of collagen drinks and few dresses and tops at a “Gossip Girl Store” as my BFF and me call it.
-10 p.m till 11 p.m: Supper with some crackers and plain hot choc drinks, watch TV, mini facial, EPO pill and other preparation to doze off. Before that, berkata-kata cinta with Cinta..haruss!

**Third phase (11 p.m until 7 p.m)
-A must-have beauty sleep where the most crucial time is from 11 p.m until 1 a.m, when your skin renew itself at this time and the collagen production is at its peak.
-Doze doze doze
-And sometime tersedar with annoying missed calls or whatever message from the phone
-Sweet dream of another shopping or date with Cinta
-7 a.m, my alarm starts to scream lagu Pingu
-Another day is to be lived

So that is my typical working day, I supposed. I have to keep myself positive and happy throughout the day, so I won’t be de-energized by the end of first phase. Cinta dan kecintaan seharusnya 24-hours di dalam hati and any angst and despise is to be keep at minimum or non-existence level, as hatred only makes you look ugly. I believe so, do you?

Keep your BFFs close but keep your “frenemies” closer

Personally I chose not to have anyone that loathes me, if I could. But since lately, rasanya semacam ada someone had been messing with my life, my personal life to be exact. Let say that someone is a GUY!! Oh please, never in my life, I knew a guy could be so kepoh. My personal life seems to be under microscope since lately, when anything and everything that I have done and am doing is being scrutinized. Sungguh I tidak get it if he necessarily has to know how am I when I was in my college days, or if anyone ever like me or not, or any of my attitude yang had been contributed to my good or bad things in my life. I mean, that was YEARS ago. He needs not to call my lecturers or my course mates, just for the sake to get any information about a famous me especially bad ones. Kan weird, if exactly after someone yang poret (kawan saya J ) informed that this guy had called si anu and anu in my college days interrogating about me, then in mere minutes came someone (i.e my senior time study at uni) called me to ask ridiculous things. Like the answers are supposed to be things-in-front-of-your-effing-eyes, biatch!
It’s been months since I am living life like this. Keangolan itu is very much, but now I am kinda used to it. At first, I cried damn much, seeing that this is how life treats me. But after that, I just came around and started to see that life is not mean after all. It is just how some freak reacts on his plain stupidity and jealousy towards me. However lately, the situation had improved, a little bit towards positivity I can say. This guy had started to talk to me again, heed me like I am already visible to him though no tete-a-tete yet. Thank God, but alas, I still keep my distant. I don’t really know if this someone is a friend or a foe.
Obviously I don’t need any BFF anymore, and maybe he is just some sort of “frenemy”. I only need to keep him closer, to be au fait with his biatchy strategies, in case he will repeat to treat me inhumanely and violating my privacy; sure me myself will stand and end up messing with his life, though apparently he has no life. Lame and pathetic, oopsie~~

Sunday, April 19, 2009

hiatus from my blogspot

i was and am verry buzzzy enjoying my life and my so~called life
so dat's the reason of this long hiatus
no offense!