Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i'll just post my quickie update now, since i am very uptight wif ma new schedule, new life, new routine..

* i am on leave rite now, n will be resigning from the company w.e.f 3rd July for a reason, and a sacrifice i can say.. luff ya d co. n d grrreat ppl!

* i am joining KPLI at the jiffy, something i never thought i wud ever do, but HERE I AM now. Lady luck had fell on my lap, giving me chance to start anew, am so glad! I juz can say that the career chooses me this time, and i believe this is the best. no regret!

~~wish me lucksssss ppl~~


Thursday, June 4, 2009

.excusez-moi, i'm on diet.

Where should I start? Being naturally paranoid (which seem to be partly true about me), and conscious about my health, like always; I have this dilemma. This was particularly at what I put into my mouth, those foods and drinks. Hate me or love me, I am petite + skinny or anything you can call me of. I may eat as much as I want, and going to buffet or any banquet (without adding any grams on my weight) is my specialty, especially with Cinta around. But since lately, I sensed that something wrong within my body, I had become appetite~less and as soon as I finish eating, I became so nauseous that I want to vomit straight away. It sounds so WRONG okay. So I opt to fix this dilemma as soon as possible, armed with various strategies which I should preach to.

Problem statement:
I am petite, at 5 ft 2 I weigh only 43kg on my bad days and occasionally 45kg on good days when I am as happy as sunshine. If I was 6 inches taller at this weight, I maybe hit the runway with other skinny models and should had become the muse of Valentino (hehe, how I wish) and you guys wont be seeing me working here in SFCSB. My body mass index is around 18.1 that make me underweight as at this height I should weigh about 48.6kg. I know~

Caption: Valentino-haute-couture

And FYI, I am NOT anorexic or bulimic or associated with any eating-disorder, thank you.

The perks of being skinny:
I look hot, sizzling and sweaty (overrating myself :) ) on almost anything that had been advertised in fashion magazine, from skinny pants to summer dresses with clinchers and all without hiding the bulge here and there. Other that that, I can horsing on food of whatever it is whenever I want without feeling guilty to put another pound in.

The jerks of being skinny:
I am so missing that well-rounded arse (hehe :) ) that ‘real women’ possesses or being hourglass-figured like Nicole PCD or Salma Hayek. Worst part is, I feel as though I will be blown away by heavy wind or susceptible to broken bones or anything to that extend. (errk..touchwood).

With this, I had signed up with a program that may help me to determine my daily calories intake to help me gain weight. Being at 43kg now, I aimed to weigh for at least 47kg.

After calculation, this is what I assign to:
Date started: 4 June 09 @ 43kg
Goal date: 11 August 09 @ 47kg.
Weight to be gained: 4 kg or +/- 9lbs.
Duration/Target: 9 weeks/ 1 lb per week.

Hmm.. I have to increase my calorie intake up to 2243.1 calories per day if I intend to put on 1 lb per week. Again, how should I start?