Wednesday, September 23, 2009


salam aidilfitri to ol my friends..di kesempatan ini, nOa yang vain (refer to attached images above) would like to minta maaf, zahir dan batin to ol silap dan salah sepanjang pergaulan noa wif anda, kawan2 saya sekalian..walaupun nOa is vain, but i m imperfect..i might had hurt ol of ya sexually (oh no..not ever!), physically (unlikely..), mentally (sometime, ouch!) and emotionally (definitely maybe..) so diharap maafkan nOa atas kekhilafan ini..

p/s: to my beloved rasheed..cinta, i love u..maafkan baby for ol the burden i endlessly caused u, and the selfishness and those intentional misunderstanding..i cinta u, n i can't help myself not to trouble u..but u know, deep inside i always believe that u deserve someone better..and i wanna be better..mmwaahhhxxx!