Thursday, March 22, 2012

English versi Whatever :)

The worst thing about being a teacher is… have to regain the momentum of teaching and working after a holiday. No amount of coffee can help us in the morning, what’s more at the staffroom we don’t have any cubicle to “hide” and dream while every other teachers are still reminiscing their holiday memory with their family. Gahhhhh..not helping at all.

But no matter how lazy Teacher Noa can be, I will drag my butt into classroom, for the sake of collecting the homework that I've given to my pupils. Haha, I love giving them homework, but not so loving it when it comes to check it. Like seriously. Cause it can give you both tears of joy and heart attack at the same time.

So, the task I had given for the one week's holiday was very simple. I had provided the pupils with like hundreds of action verbs in a list, and the pupils got to choose 30 action verbs and construct a sentence each of the action verbs, in present continuous tense structure. For example; eating- My sister is eating sandwich at the cafe. 

Only 30 sentences like this, easy peasy right? But NOT to my pupils, cause English is not even their fifth language and I guess teaching them Deutsch should be easier, and my friend even claimed that he is more willing to teach American Literature than English in his school. Talk about the educators' dilemma. Haha lame!

So, these are what I got in return, I called them "English versi Whatever".

jogging- Amir is jogging at the taman. (hmmm..the rojak English that we often use.)
fishing- Johan is fishing ikan. (and again!)
snatching- The cow is snatching grass at the field. (snatching - meragut? a misconception of grazing right? Aiyooo)
milking- Mom is milking at the kitchen. (salute to breastfeeding mom eh?)
selling- Mazlan is selling Ambia at Betong. (pemerdagangan manusia? Oh my!)

.........and I got lots of these types of sentences from my precious pupils! But somehow I must be thankful as my pupils are slowly developing the understanding in English and improving somewhere compared when I first taught them in January. And some of them had started to do well in English. Weeho :)


Nevertheless, what does not kill me will surely make me stronger to teach and inspire my pupils. I don't really mind to sacrifice my time and source provided that these pupils will work hard for their future. InshaAllah :)

My last year's English Education pupils :)

A home teacher for Year One 2011 :)

Our humble school, very the kampung right?

And none pixels from 2012 yet. Still. Busy. Teaching. Ok? Ya right :P

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I love March

Sebab ada school holiday, a week! But first of all, Happy International Women's Day on this 8th March.I wish all women around the world to continue being strong for your loved one and yourself. Hope all of us will love and appreciate ourselves more and know what we worth.

Women of chomelness :)

Oh, let's back to planning cuti I. We won't go anywhere though, cz rasanya tengok wajah kesayangan hubby saya is enough that I don't bother to go anywhere except beside him. Yerrr :) 3 weeks uols, of course saya windu. Tapi, ada planning banyaks dah menunggu. Cuti is not an entirely cuti lah for me, still ada 'kerja' yang menunggu. Like:

1. Baking: Dah dapat 'memo arahan' from bro-in-laws to continue bake and sell our Cheesy Potato Pie and Cottage Pie cz banyaks dah our customers tanya about our pies. Remember my entry? Click here okay. So I say, why not lah kan? Boleh lah menambah my dress from nanti. Ze geniuz ideaz. And my sis dah suggest to bake Carrot Cake with Cheese Frosting and  I dah terrrrrcakap and terrrrrsuggest to bake Caramel Choc Cake. And hubby dah request karipap dia, and mom dah request Kerabu Sotong. And @dariamoe had suggested to try her sweet tooth formula, okay..must try. Oh my! Haih, wher's my healthy eating resolution? Okay, in moderation in moderation in moderation. Haha. And I'm sure the food request list will go on lah.

Kek Coklat Karamel (pic credit to: UmmiZaihadi). Kek Pelangi Karamel (mine!) 
and Kek Lobak Merah (pic credit to:

2. TTC: Akan try the kurma and susu kambing formula together with hubby, and BD dengan happy nya and stress free, inshaAllah :) Ada hikmahnya AF datang lambat that day, hihi.

3. School: Done with preparing homeworks to my Y6 pupils, but later on I still have to do Analisis Item and Analisis Respon Murid for their Pra UPSR test this week. Oh haruskah Sudinnnnnnn? Diharap I will be rajin enough to do this lah, finger crossed. Ok, lame.

What's more eh? Guess still ada yang tertinggal. Hmmm, sokayyy..mesti enjoy cuti smemntara terlupa haha.. And lastly, about SBPA that had been scrapped today. Okay, dengan fikiran suci ini, I am glad to have that 13% increment compared to what offered from SBPA before. Cz yang SBPA dulu, my increment after tolak pelarasan gaji tahunan SSM is only RM3. Homaiii..bukan tak syukur, but what RM3 can cover now when semua harga barang naikkan? Though I know, pengumuman PM tadi pun is like a happy news to peniaga as they will hike the price on everyday's goods kan. One increment, twice hike. Whatevs. Gaji naik or not, the price will still akan naik.

Hmmm, that's all lah, Happy Holiday uols! or Happy Weekend ya :) Muahs.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Good deeds for my body

March came swiftly into 2012, and I am glad I had done good deeds to my body :) Three good deeds!

1. Skipping fast food :)
Though it was only for two weeks now, but skipping those oily and cholesterol-loaded food makes me feel good, feeling lighter and guilty-free towards my body and my pocket. 

Bye bye buddy :|

2. Drink detox tea :)
It's been a while since I am doing a mini detox program for my body, and yesterday I had drank Renulife Detox Tea. Oh boy, it tasted gooooood and the side effect was mild though I expected there will be 'a scrapping sound from inside' that indicates the formula is detoxifying my body. The verdict: I feel lighter (once again!) today in the morning and Madam Tummy is less bloated than before.**Madam Tummy here is referring to wobbly tummy I have and I'd like to change her status into Miss Tummy if she is ever flat again. Can?

Hello precious :)

3. Stocking up my fruits and vege supplies :)
I stocked up some oranges, apples, spinach and corns into my fridge for a week supply only since next week will be a school holiday, woot woot :) A healthy snack to replace my junks, and yes, now I am resorting to full cream milk and a little of ice cream, one time a day since I read somewhere it was proven to help increase women fertility. Guiltless and yummy indulgence I can say.

And hye there new bff :)

And yes, since I mention twice that I feel lighter, the truth is, it is NOT! I am a kilo heavier now that that's how the good deeds had recently become a big agenda in March and my 2012 health transformation plan. I still remembered an asylum moment when filling up an insurance health form last month, it goes like this:

Weight: __________________ kg
Kg gain per year: ___________ kg
Reason: ___________________________________________________________________________

So, tell me how can you fill the last part? Can I write it's hormonal? or I am darn happy that I eat lots? Or I stressed much last year and I don't care what goes into my mouth? Or I am a lazy bum and I don't go exercise that often? Gahhhhh, you tell me babes! In the end, I decided to left the entire columns blank as they are.

And yet, I won't categorize myself into someone fat, but I just afraid that I gain weight without myself noticing it because I already had this lunatic "I feel lighter" feeling.

*All photos credit go to Google lah.