Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am currently attending an Asian Waterbird Census Technique Workshop at Miri
Hmm.. pretty excitind (and) tiring and
Be back soon

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A day in KK

So the planning to fly to KK had became a reality. Kenjetnya, I had chosen 14th February to fly there, for a night only, since it was Saturday, Cinta is free and I was not working on weekend shift and since it was the first weekend that i am able to "evacuate" from the big flood and since it was a V-day. Hehe~~ a pat on my shoulder for being so brainy.. Duhh~

There, all the sweet memories begin! once again.

Shopaholic's haven: 1Borneo

With or without clothes, I always look better than these mannequins.

Oh look at her.

Cinta at YogurBerry, a yummy frozen yoghurt parlour.

Nightlife at KK; Shenanigan's at Hyatt Regency.

Great N'twine's performance.

Noon at Tanjung Aru beach.

Cinta and me.

Togetherness. Saya suka.

At the airport, I was preventing all the tears to pour, tsk tsk.

All the make up had washed off, I was crying while in plane on my way back to Myy.(Agik rasa, sapa nyuruh kenjet ber V-day indah, kan sedih time balit.. hehe~~)

Nevertheless, I had great time at KK with Cinta, walaupun we are limited by times. Shopping was good, the dating was good and everything was great indeed. Hmm, sweet reminiscing of Cinta everytime I looked at these photos. Everyday I cinta Cinta.

Currently listening to Akon-Right Now. ~I wanna make love right now na na~

We still have many choices, in life!

February nearly ends, but I am still in the mood of Month of Love. Stress had got the best of me at the end of January and early this month. You know why, my workplace (Niah NP, which is unfortunately it is where I live) had been hit by big flood when I was fast asleep in the morning of January 30th. Water from river had risen so fast, in few hours all the stairs outside my home had been “disappeared”, leaving me tenggelam deep in the water until the waist level. So pathetic. All the electricity had been shut down for a week due to safety concern from the authority. Just imagine, I have no mean of transport to evacuate from the area, and have to live on my own with no electricity and such. Ouchhh~ Mcm Paleolitic yang tinggal at Niah Cave 40K years back. Only after 10 days, the water level had lowered, finally my life had been back to normal, BUT with mud all over the places (outside my home, the office etc).

Aftermath of the big flood had made me became very eager to have good time I longed. Some options had popped in my mind;
1. Have flight ticket booked for Mom/Dad to come over (but I have no car here, so it will become a problem for jalan-jalan)
2. Going back to Kch (but it is not Ika’s birthday party yet, means it is not a right timing to do so)
3. Fly to KK to be with Cinta (since Cinta is busy at KK, he won’t have much time for me, tsk tsk!)

Some calculations had been made, after ditimbang kiri and kanan, Mom/Dad can’t make it to Myy due to some problem though I had booked the ticket for them. And going back to Kch means I need to apply leaves which I am had banned to do so had left me with no more choice. Means I should packed myself into blue box with silver ribbon on it to be airmailed to Cinta at KK, even for 1 day only. Good choice though, no regret. Hehe~~

Excited okay!!

nOa is back~

Hi babes and hunks (oh, so glad if there is any!)
I have deleted all my previous posts for last year since some horrendous cows had used the details to spread bad words to someone who is just plain stupid, egoistical maniac whatsoever who is against me. That had happened somewhere in January, which had made me into the lowest Noa you will ever know. I had cried two straight days of bad things people said about me though I know I necessarily not to be sad with it. Things had happened and exactly it had jeopardized some parts of my future. That’s why I had kept myself low from this blog. As an escapade, I had shared those painful moments with Cinta, my babes and “sista souls”. Too bad some “friends” (if they ever deserve to be ones) had fled away from me over these matter yet I am NOT involving them with any of these thingy. But sure, I can’t blame them though, they are just being immature.


Things are over!
I need not to be sad anymore.
I am not a victim.
I have power within me to fix things.
I’ll make this year a great one.