Monday, September 30, 2013

What to expect from my hiatus?

It's been a long while since I update anything at this blog
Kesian, she was abandoned :P

Well friends, if you ask..I am well, alive but sometime feeling like a grandma now but life is at its best now I believe :) For many obvious reasons, the super up and down of life within April-September 2013. 

Here's a brief update, in case me myself forgot what had happened in 2013 later on. Baboness alert plis!

April 2013- 
On TTC, I finally conceived for 3rd time lepas kawen :P I believed this pregnancy was meant to be the one. 

May 2013- 
Midst of May, I received an unexpected call from our Jabatan, offering me to be transferred from school to the office. I said "Yes!!" at the first "proposal". My offer letter came late in May, during our final day of schooling before the first term break. I left my school and my students (happily) without proper goodbye, sebab sungguh last minute. My future boss needed me to report duty soonest possible. Tak sabar nau @_@ 

So happy sebab finally boleh tengok muka my Dear Hubby (DH) setiap hari --I am his no.1 fan gittew. And of course, living under one roof. Yay! Finally, after almost 3 years of LDM.

June 2013-
I was like 9 weeks pregnant, but IT happened again this time. My third miscarriage was on DH's birthday :( Luckily, it was happened during Gawai holidays, so I did not apply for any sick leave. Malu nak cuti sebab baru seminggu kerja at new workstation. But sebelum miscarriage, sempat pergi makan at seafood and celebrated DH's birthday. I insisted to celebrate his birthday although terpaksa hid the contraction pain from inside :P As I knew I had to berpantang afterward, memang no yummy food allowed right.

After the incident, I tried my best to berpantang and adjusted to life kerja at office and jadi full time wife during waktu malam, haha. Maklum lah before, as I worked in school I can say that not lah that tired compare kerja at office. Tengahari dah balik, then boleh kruihhh kruihhh nap petang, malam boleh dinner or not sebab I on my own jer.

July 2013-
Out of nowhere, DH's friend asked us if we would like to join him/his wife on treatment cara Ruqyah/Islamik at one place in Kuching. We joined, it was pretty scary tengok pesakit-pesakit kerasukan jin. Huhu, so takut! I was on my period during the treatment, and we only been there for 2 times, as Ramadhan is approaching :)

By the end of July, tetiba I rasa why in the world I haven't got my period yet (like mencari alasan to escape puasa, hihi..apakah). Being an avid tester, I POAS two days before my period was due and as least of my expectation, I got the faint positive line. Kebetulan on that day I had an appointment with obgyn at General Hospital due to my recurrent miscarriages, I consulted to her on the faint positive line but only to be kena marah sebab "getting pregnant too soon". Pfft! But later another test turned out negative after done at Makmal Hospital.

August 2013-
I tested again after a day late of my period, and I got big fat positive lines. Both DH and me done nothing on this sebab perasaan excited is very kurang, due to our history. I just make sure I eat right and clean, in case ada someone in the womb, haha :)

Late August, I went to Klinik Naluri to have myself checked. Macam biasa, my pregnancy cause some drama but finally the doctor agreed to scan my abdomen after I convinced her with all the reasons in the world why she have to check me (and my womb).

First heartbeat ever from our singleton! .............out of four pregnancies :)

September 2013-
I registered at Klinik Ibu dan Anak, and another follow up at General Hospital Obgyn Clinic. Sayangnya tak dapat jumpa doctor yang marah I for "getting pregnant again too soon". Morning sickness for me is around post-Asar until midnight and literally I "enjoy" every bit of it (and waking up crying as nauseous is part of it).

30 September 2013- I am 13 weeks today! Alhamdulillah :) 

So, that's it :) All praises to Allah for all the blessings He gives to us. 
Lain masa I update lagi okie :)


Nurrul Mohamad said...

omg!!! am so happyyyyyyyy!!!!!! adik baby kaoriii

Mrs. Ichiban said...

Another happy news that I read today! <3

Noa Hamrin said...

Bebe Nurrul, yupppp..doakan adik bff bby Kaori sihat selamat hingga dilahirkan okie. That's y i m so excited baca baby K's journey and shik sabar mok baca your recovery story soon.. i need to leran!

Videl, thanks! Jom saling berdoa agar kta bless with zuriat idaman hati yg soleh/solehah :)