Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy as a whale *wink!wink!*

Last weekend was a lonesome one. Hubby was not home, he's got some migration works to do and I was jaded. hmm..hubby's work bunyinya macam vampire ala Edward team kan, migrating..hihi, I can't wait November though. oh..Look!

Facebook status sebagai evidens. Wahhh :)

And yea, I baked! A potato and cheese pie for errr..i dunno whether for dinner and supper. Thank God the pie was very easy to prepare and bake, and


Potato and cheese pie, before heading up to the oven :P

Nice looking stuff right? This pie indeed makes me a happy whale, cause I am so loving the combination of potato and cheese. I've made one for my sista's open house, last two weeks. And I was glad it was the hit amongst the visiting friends and relatives.

The hit for the last day in Syawal :)

And here, I'd like to share the recipe for you babes and dudes. Happy trying people!

Resipi Potato and Cheese Pie -versi Happy Whale!

6 biji kentang-saiz sederhana
Secawan susu UHT
2 biji telur
Garam, serbuk perisa, lada sulah
125g gram butter
Cheddar cheese- jenis slice dan bar
Daging (boleh pilih samada sosej atau meatloaf, paling best guna ayamas)

Here's how-to!
1. Kentang dibuang kulit, rebus sampai empuk, ditos dan dilecek.
2. Setelah kentang dilecek, masukkan butter dan 3 keping cheese. Gaulkan sampai hancur n smooth.
3. Masukkan susu.
4. Telur dipukul dengan garam, serbuk perisa n lada. Lepas tu masukkan kedalam kentang tadi. Gaul sampai sebati. Kalau kentang tu tak smooth sgt, boleh blend.
4. Griskan acuan dgn butter. Masukkan setengah adunan kentang.
5. Susun kan satu lapisan sosej atau meatloaf. Then susun kan satu lapisan cheese keping. It will take you about 5 slices of cheese.
6, Masukkan lebihan adunan. Parut cheddar cheese (bar)l dan taburkan di atas sekali.
7. Lastly, taburkan satu lapisan nipis breadcrumbs. Potongkan butter yg beku kecil2, Letakkan jarang2 secara random on top of all.
8. Bakar di dalam oven, degree 200 darjah sehingga masak. Selepas siap, biarkan a while before dipotong ya.

Hope ada yang nak try lah, seswai sangat for tea-time, it's easy to make, cheap, yummy and menggemokkan! furthermore dapat banyak pahala when uols rajin buat for your hubby and anak-anak tercinta. 

Hihi. Till then, mmmwahhx!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bajet 2012

I wonder, it goes like this..

When Najib announced on the budget that the government will raise the salary and pay half month bonus to their 'servants', people of private sectors are disappointed as they got non and claim this as unfair. 

Please think this way, we work for government, so I do think that the government is the party that should raise our salary and give out bonus to us. Not the MNC like Shell, Petronas or company like TM, Kedai Basikal Ah Huat or whatever right. 

Does it make sense since Hubby is working with TM, and when TM raise Hubby's salary and give out 2 months bonus to him, I should claim the raise and bonus too from TM? Nooooo, right, since I am working with the government and not with TM. Oh do I make sense here?

Friday, October 7, 2011

In My Shoes

Anyone wanna be in my shoes? Okay, lemme bring you how I wear my shoes, a pair of pointe shoes on a gravel roads. Versi kampung-kampung jer. Hmm okay, it goes like this. Me- Noa Hamrin, graduated from a uni, got an internship with a company where as the internship should be completed in 3 years with a very basic wages. But some how twas been shortened into 2 years. Nailed a permanent job in the same company, but was being relocated far far away from family. Twas no regret at all landing on the job, I love every part of it, fantabulous friends, flexible work scene, no uniform, skinny jeans all day long but the villain part is there- my boss and a group of need-to-grow-up bitches (read: fat!). and oh sorry, if you guys happen to read this. Then,  I felt bored, I need something new, something more challenging. Sat for an exam of a post-grads diploma to be a teacher. I did not revise anything at all, sempat shoppink2 with my babe, set rambut cantek2 before sit the exam. Good luck. I passed. Then attended an interview, with very lil preparation, Better luck. I got a place. Then the bad part came, I had to quit the job I "love",  and broke. Miskin gila that time, since I have to pay for the compensation of 2 months salary and at the same time I need some money to pay and pursue the diploma. 

Lived one years in a stranger lands, met up with fantabulous friends again. a very different scene from uni. Loads of assignments and everything else. And I experienced lotsa breakdown at the jiffy. After a year plus, we got posted to various places and holes and caves and mountains around Sarawak. And here I am now, teaching at a school near a river, with crocs. Sokayyy, no problem at all. Life changes from time to time, after a month working, I got engaged to the Love of My Life. And being a wifey to him 3 months after that. We are like a set of happy bunny, crazier to each other everyday and then, we were pregnant. A happy happy me broke the news to the world as early as my 6th week. But since hubby and me live a long-distance marriage, it means that we take care on ourselves most of the time. During the pregnancy, I do take care of myself. My way. Being actively doing home works in an OCD way, cleaning the house, sweeping, scrubbing the toilet, and cooking almost everyday on my own tho I stay with a house mate. And then the worse part happened, since the kampung that I live in has no clean water supply, I had to carry gallons of water everyday for my personal use : bathing, cleaning, drinking! A pregger yet I was very hardworking and strong than ever, It was the moment that I thought I can take care of myself. 

But unfortunately on my 11th weeks, I bleed which led hubby to rush over from Kuching to take care of me. The worst part was we miscarriaged at my 14th weeks. But for me, life goes on. I even attended my diploma convocation a day after my D&C, keeping myself cheery and happy as ever. But only Hubby knows how sad I am, cz either with him or me alone that I cried my heart out when the motherly feelings throb inside me. Going back to school, I continue to give my best and my not so best in teaching my pupils and serving my responsibility with few added work loads (that's supposed not to be mine-- okay, agak berkira di sini). And I believe I had done my best in doing my jobs. End of year, all teachers know and anticipate it's time for us to apply for relocation; for few familiar reasons like to be in a same place with your spouse (SO ME!!), health problems, family members need attention due to health problems, safety and death threats etc. I applied, filled in the form with lotsa hope (since I wanna badly to be with my Hubby, since we had been TTC for three months now and I am ready to be a pregger again). Sent out the form for verification of my superior, but yet he verified my application with the statement: THE APPLICATION IS SUPPORTED BUT THE TEACHER IS A NOMINEES FOR ENGLISH UPSR TEACHER 2012. Oh, kepalahotak betul, ko ingat this is a grammy award ada nominees-nominees? I nak pindah. 


Venci okayyy dengan orang-orang yang kurang consideration. Ya Allah, please guide me and lead me through all the test in my life, It is you and only you that i seek a help to. Amiiin.

I need to put back my feet on the ground, I need better shoes.

Sesuai untuk menari burlesque gitu :p