Tuesday, December 14, 2010

.health and beauty issue.

Suddenly i feel the urge to do some detox for my body. OK, since the wedding reception at my home was over, my beauty regimes pun over juak. Coz stock yang dibeli cun-cun jak nang sampey hari reception. Boleh? hihi.. 

So these are stuffs yang menjadi amalan 2 months before wedding tek. Berabis eh berbeli cdak tok kotan nak kaccc alu sik shoppink sejak gaji pertama :')

[ Innershine prune essence. Very suka ok, cz it taste good n shows immediate effect, and purple some more. It says:  goodbye to dull complexion, sallow and lifeless skin. Welcome instead, radiance and beauty from within. To know more, click here. ]

[ Innershine quince essence. This one helps to boost more energy,and i find it very useful for the final week's preparation of the wedding. Memang energetic ala-ala rabbit energizer lah after consumed it. Read here for more info. ]

[ Soy collagen, yang menjanjikan kulit putih gebu lagi cantik. Tetapi, it needs constant intake if you want the best result. If not, janji tinggal janji lah. Enough said hihi. Testimonial from other users boleh la uols carik kat Google. Easy peasy :) ]

[ Cocoa collagen, yang janji manisnya lebih kurang macam produk di atas. Tapi, sebab i loba, harus consume both brands :) ]

[ Pearl Complex from Cosway. Supposed to improve the quality of skin health. Okay this one belum abis consumed. ]

Pagi tadik, bangun-bangun after tidor 2nd round; terus cek fb via Android and sentapp jak mak uols. Apa tek Hubby post invitation for majlis reception kat Sarikei, then nengok cermin alu rasa x kacc glak. Alu mek down susah ati cket. Haruslerr ngansa lagik today. 

Harus ler i kamboh ke dapor, carik if ada anything that can help me detox a.s.a.p. So, Alhamdulillah terjumpa lah Clenx Tea. Steeped it in boiling water then terus minum.

[ Duhal tek Mila AF ya duta Clenx Tea tok. And obviously nya minum tok bukan for weight loss purpose lah. Mesti just nak maintain-maintain sihat jer, mun nya nak kurus juak x lah tauk gik koh. According to the website, khasiat detox tea tok are:

  • Reduces body weight and maintains an ideal body shape (I want the latter..)

  • Stimulates peristaltic bowel movement to remove excessive toxins, fat and cholesterol (Want this too :D )

  • Relieves constipation, flatulence and bloated tummy (Hmm..xda prob tok :D )

  • Improves the functions of detoxification organs (Ok, I want! )

  • Strengthens immunity (Nak juger..)

  • Improves face complexion (Badly wants this!)

  • Promotes radiant beauty and health from within (Haruss!) ]

    Terus lebih bersemangat untuk detox. Google-google lagik, terus terjumpa link tok. It was about face reading, on how acne yang ada kat your face indicates something else prob with your vital organ. Scary juak lah if kita sik jaga kesihatan nak.

    [ The indicator, so take notes people :) ]

    Then baca-baca again about how your facial features explain your health prob, lagik lah scary. Alu serba salah. It's like nya madah apa reti oily t-zone, enlarged pores, eye bags, dark circles, pale lips, rambut kembang, bulu mansu tebal pun tanda sik sihat. Aihh giney lah oh? Baca gak sitok.

    Okay, rasa psyched kejap. Hehe. Terus gtalk ngan hubby, ngansarina madah nak makan sihat-sihat tonight. Nak makan chicken herbal soup and salad jak lah malam tok konon. Maka jak duak tiga malam tok makan chicken chop lah, pizza lah, ice cream yang nyem-nyem lah, baruk ko tauk.. Oh sudehhh :(

    But it is never too late people. Harus bersemangat lagik after this. Mok x kaccc tek?


    daria said...

    go detox! babe mena ka innershine prune immediate effect?sye mhuu. anywy ull b in kch 1/1? mok itak dtg tunang saya. lak mek tag gk lm fb. lom d aplod kad jejemput

    Cammellia Othman said...


    noa hamrin said...

    babe: for me quite cepat effect nya lah, better try for that glowing face on your e-day and up till your wedding day. n mek x sure lah dapat x pi your e-day, cz 31st ya mek ada meeting kat betong. but if i can make it to kch i'll be there. nway, congratz in adv. Mwah :))

    cam: thx :) and thx juak for the oven! tggu i dah pake lak and make something i'll post an entry abt dat :)