Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rezeki itu ujian

Cuti CNY dah over. So, now is time to back to reality. No more Noa in Wonderland. And somehow I rasa bukan macam Alice in Wonderland, coz tak adventerous sangat lah. Rasanya lebih kepada Queen of Hearts lah kadang-kadang. So this cuti, I heard one a not so good news. I have a girl cousin yang kawen on September last year, miscarriage jugak. It was the third time happened to our big family. First, it was my cousin E yang dah kawen rasa²nya masuk fifth year, dunno herself prego then suddenly turun darah. Then it was me, last year in my hujung² 12 weeks of pregnancy. and the latest is my cousin N. Kesian kan kami, tapi  kita harus redha. Ujian ujian.

I still remember, somewhere in the end of December 2011 hari tu, time seorang lagi my girl's cousin wedding, my aunty² dudok bersembang-sembang, then time I lalu depan dorang, they sarcastically *I supposed* asking me The Question,  just to compare me to this cousin N yang just announced that she was pregnant. Being I  an anti-social  a sopan-santun niece, I was trying my best to answer them politely that I am not a marsupial. Then dengan vangganya dorang bukak cerita yang N dah berjaya prego. Of course I terasa when being compared like that kan.  But, now see? The same thing happened to my cousin N. It's like, kalau dah ada rezeki tu, i just think tak payah lah ada pihak lain yang nak guna point tu nak hurt another party. Tak payah nak show off tanya² lah k, weols pun tgh berusaha. Kalau ada tu, the bump will show lah rite. No wonder time wedding tu, my cousin E sengaja 'away' dari hometown. Siap buat status kat FB lagi, lebih kurang macam ni, 'I m away, so hope semua yang gather tu happy. And if u guys plan to hurt me with The Question, saya dah maaf kan. Simpan aja niat uols tu'.

And, my point here is....rezeki itupun satu ujian. Either kita nak bersyukur atas kurniaan itu or sengaja bangga² n nak compare kan with others yang belum dapat rezeki tu. Rezeki itu pun satu pinjaman, bila² masa boleh kena ambil balik, I dah rasa and it takes time to rasa redha. Alhamdullillah, itu lah syafaat simpanan kami untuk akhirat kelak. Alhamdulillah sangat², ada ahli syurga yang menunggu :')

Dan bagi yang prego tu, I am happy for u guys. InshaAllah akan lahir insan soleh dan solehah nanti from uols. But I do think, to whine like everytime dalam your blog is so not WISE. Whining that uols stress, banyak kerja or whatever is kurang bersyukur bagi I. You know, that is your fairshare. You are carrying another life inside you, so takkan lah nak expect everything is the same like before kan. Some are willing to kill to feel the kicks inside their womb, yet you are blabbering this and that. Ingat, mesti syukur syukur syukur.

Lastly, baby dust to everyone yang TTC. Semoga kita pun dapat lahirkan insan soleh dan solehah jugak untuk menemani life kita. Allahumma amiiiin.

And yet, this is a pictureless entry. mak-mak ngerepak sekda berlukis bergambar indah koh.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life of A Supplement Junkie

Ooo junkie yer? Yes, I am the one. Memang junkie, especially when it comes to some supplements that can improve my skin condition and inner (womanly) health. i always believe that cure is better than prevention :) My favorite supplement for skin is from Catalyst, proven fast effect and affordable.

Catalyst Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Softgel (red), Catalyst VCO Liquid (blue) and Catalyst Collagen (yellow)

And for womanly health, i always keep my option wide open. My monthly must-have is Evening Primrose Oil, thanks to this magic capsule, I am a regular 28-days cycler with minimize or no PMS at all. I also had tried Catalyst Femme Vita and DCL Bidadari for this purpose.

DCL Bidadari (orange), Catalyst Femme Vita (pink), EPO (yellow flower's) and Spirulina for maintaining overall health (green)

Dual combo of Catalyst Collagen and Femme Vita, gulp together with apple juice. Yumm..

And my recent addition on my supplement rack are: Habbatus Sauda as immune system booster and maintaining overall health, Jamu Ratu Dara for womanly energy and *my favourite of all* as it gives me the fastest and most effective result to repair the inside's wear-and-tear. My keyword here is "Dara", okay; and lastly Zinc supplement that has been useful to cure breakouts along my jawline for the past two months. Nasty hormonal rage T.T

Jamu Ratu Dara (purple), Habbatus Sauda (green), Zinc Plus (silver). 
Photo credit to Google

And lastly, my recent buy: Vitamin E Collagen Oil. Yup, I easily succumbed on buying anything with collagen. Temptation, temptation :)

photo credit to: (Ads: yes, I shop at ciksu's)

And, and, and, my wishlist: Skin supplement with glutathione. How? Too much, I know.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life is Short.

Eat your dessert first.

My first pavlova, with Sista Soul's demonstration and help. 
In my case, I do think there is a baker trapped inside a teacher's body here. 

Yum! It's another reason to cherish our short life.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Something new.

Do you notice anything new? It's obvious right? I love the header, it is SO me! And I'm happy to install the new layout, the background is SO me too (but you have to change the word "fairest" into "vainest" first lah). But the side bar layout is so plain, that was SO NOT me. No colour-colour, so no kanak-kanak ribena there. Ish, so how lah? Do I have to change this layout again, so that I can finally satisfied with all the elements?

I am a noob, a lazy one, you see. 

This furry friend fells me. Muahs!