Wednesday, December 8, 2010

.merry marry me.

Oh my super webby blog. I've been so busy for months and finally...

Kawen sudah :))

[ Look.. i ditched the boring white baju kurung for aqad :) 
The hijab was bought by sista soul from (it's a Zahraa), the wedding dress was jubah style, cream satin layered with silver-colored lace and pink satin belt, and the petticoat was made in glittery pink kain kasa. And my superprecious veil was knee length, custom made by mom. Love u mom :) It was seriously adorable. ]

[ The newly wed us :) ]

[ On cloud nine.. us on our 'Ever After Dais'.. 
The custom dais was DIY by the family production team: hubby and me, sista soul and her hubby, my bro and her wifey :) Glad that it turned out beautifully, though u know di sebalik tabir work was very chaotic and tiring. Kudos to the team :) ]

[ The wedding Cinderella left hers on the chandelier.. Nice shot shooters! ]

[ Our very simple deco for the haven, it was just something that we wanted to maintained throughout the time. Notice the hanging pics deco? Nice rite? ]

Okie, that's it.
Hopefully in no time i can update about our:
  • Reception @ Sri Aman
  • Outdoor photoshoot
  • Pre-wedding pics

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