Thursday, October 4, 2012

Beutskin Essence

Being a supplement junkie I am, I have to share my latest beauty booster. Well, no surprise sebab dah mention kat tajuk tu, Beutskin Essence (BE)! Jadi, sebagai seorang Muslimah yang try my best to adhere to Islamic lifestyle, semuanya mestilah dimulakan dengan niat yang baik. Inna ma a'malu bin niyat. So my intention to try BE is first, to cantikkan and sihatkan kulit till some extend, I need not to slab myself with make up to cover up those imperfections on skin, and secondly to regulate my womanly hormones so that I can have my monthly period and conceive naturally. 

So, kesimpulannya, I nak cantik and nak ada baby. Jadi, I pun mula mengorbankan gaji saya setiap bulan untuk beli BE. To cut it short, I am a satisfied consumer.

Beutskin Essence

So far, the positive effects that I personally experienced from consuming Beutskin are:
  • pimples clearing up: ada sekoloni pimples at random spots on my face yang dah clearing up after few days consuming BE
  • my face become well-moisturized and less oily: tiada kekeringan though I berumah di hotel selama sebulan in September
  • no eye-bag or dark circle: saya suka, mata nampak terang bersinar
  • my pores seem to shrink: especially bahagian pipi, so make up nampak rata and cantik
  • and again, no major break out (pimples, redness): no break out before and after period
  • fairer and glowing skin: saya perasan yang skin especially at my arms and hands nampak cerah gebu gittew
  • getting my period on time: this was unexpected!! cycle I yang terumbang-ambing in 2012 telah kembali kepada cycle buku teks biologi, which is 28-30 days. So mine was 30 days this month. Jadi, if cycle dah okay, all you need is jaga diet harian and babydance dengan riang gembira :)
Look! Banyak yang positifkan :) So saya berharap niat saya tercapai dengan consuming BE. Kulit yang gebu, period yang stabil and dapat baby yang chomels.

Jadi, if my friends pun ada concern like me, jom try BE :) I only truly share something good which I tried. At time I think I wanna give up TTC, I found BE. I hope my dream of having a little family on my own will come true. Aamiin.

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